Spyder Yardley-Jones at Pure Spec ($50 + processing fees)

$52.00 CAD

Spyder Yardley-Jones is an international artist whose shows have caused controversy with his thought-provoking images.  Spyder has been teaching cartooning and illustration for nearly a decade as Artist in Residence through the Edmonton Welsh Society in Edmonton schools. Formerly an educator at the Art Gallery of Alberta, he now instructs through Grant MacEwan's Continuing Education program.  Spyder illustrated the picture book, In the Graveyard, and has been teaching at YouthWrite for sixteen years. In addition to all of this, Spyder works as a preparator, installing shows at the Art Gallery of Alberta.
Col. William Featherstone's Expedition to the Centre of the Earth
Create a steampunk visual diary! Draw your alter ego!  Learn how to draw costumes, Victorian futurist machines, dramatic imagery and more!  Find that fictional place in time where Victorianism collides with Gothic horror and modern science.

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