YouthWrite, a camp for kids who love to write...just about anything!©


YouthWrite was conceived and formed in 1996 by coordinator/creator Gail Sidonie Sobat.  Our first home was the Bennett Centre, Edmonton, AB.  In years to come, YouthWrite expanded to a weekend winter camp, Winter WordPlay and a two-week immersion camp at Kamp Kiwanis, near Bragg Creek, AB. 
YouthWrite is delighted to return to Kamp Kiwanis and the Bennett Centre for our 23rd wordplayful year!

YouthWrite Camps

are all about being wordplayful!


Our courses may focus on artistic disciplines you may never have tried before--illustrating, songwriting, body percussion and words, yoga breathing and words--but in taking the risk to try something new, you may learn something amazing about yourself!

Some YouthWrite courses (we have offered in the past) :

  • journalism
  • fiction boot camp
  • photojournalism
  • message(s) in a bottle
  • ranting for change
  • 3-D character creation and sculpture
  • found art/found poetry
  • poetry and performance
  • poetry to song
  • body percussion, movement and words
  • yoga breathing and laughter and words
  • improv to script
  • TheatreSports and writing
  • screenwriting
  • playwriting
  • drama-movement-poetry mash-ups
  • spoken word and hip hop poetry
  • clowning and writing
  • comedy writing
  • writing for radio
  • cartooning
  • illustration
  • bookmaking
  • character creation and character voice
  • romance fiction
  • SF and fantasy writing
  • graffiti and street art/poetry
  • storytelling
  • writing for computer games
  • social media writing