Just who exactly teaches at YouthWrite?


Throughout YouthWrite's history, we have prided ourselves on the calibre of our fine instructors.  Welcome to our gallery of instructors, past and present.


The teaching staff of the inaugural YouthWrite (1996):



Left to right (back row):  Martyn Godfrey, Lynne Fairbridge, Merle Harris, Carolyn Pogue, Janice McDonald, Stephen Heatley

Left to right (front row):  Tololwa Mollel, Gail Sidonie Sobat (coordinator), Rebecca Luce-Kapler 


The following is a list of previous YouthWrite instructors 

Tippy A Go Go (musician)

Karla Anderson (singer songwriter)

Timothy Anderson (novelist/poet)

Roger Armstrong (vocal coach)

Malcolm Azania (novelist)

Todd Babiak (novelist/ journalist)

Jacob Banigan (improviser)

Lorna Bennett (artist/ illustrator)

Ted Bishop (creative non-fiction writer)

Hamish Boyd (vocal coach/ actor)

Al Brant (singer songwriter)

Brad Bucknell (singer songwriter)

Kate Bucholz (picture book author)

Dawn Carter (poet/ spoken word artist)

Lisa Cameron (blue pencil cafe coach)
Marty Chan (playwright/ novelist)

Moe Clark (poet/ spoken word artist)

T. L. Cowan (poet/ spoken word artist)
Jordan Dack (poet/ spoken word artist)

Anita Daher (novelist)

Candas Jane Dorsey (novelist/ poet)

Maria Dunn (singer songwriter)

Lynne Fairbridge (novelist/ poet)

Fif Fernandes (clown/ Yoga Laughter coach)

Kim Firmston (SF writer)

Cheryl Foggo (novelist)

Tegan Forbes (poet)

Martyn Godfrey (novelist)

Linda Goyette (journalist)

Jacquelyn Guest (novelist)

Mark Haroun (playwright/ screenwriter)

Barb Hartmann (artist/ illustrator)

Merle Harris (storyteller)

Stephen Heatley (actor/director/playwright)


Shelley Hrdlitschka (novelist)

Faye Reinberg Holt (creative non-fiction writer)

Katherine Holubitsky (novelist)

Monica Hughes (novelist)

Glen Huser (novelist)


Bob Jahrig (singer songwriter)

Steve Jodoin (dancer/ movement coach)

Cindy Kerr (dancer/ movement coach)

Shirley Konrad (vocal coach)

Myrna Kostash (creative non-fiction writer)

Mark Kozub (poet/ novelist/ musician)

Jennifer Kunlire (poet/ spoken word artist)

Dustin Leeee (poet/ spoken word artist)

Michael Leger (cartoonist)

Jonathan Link (singer songwriter)
Jason Long (screenwriter)
Rebecca Luce-Kapler (poet)

Brendan MacLeod(poet/spoken word artist)

Clem Martini (playwright/ novelist)

Conni Massing (playwright/


Janice McDonald (novelist)

rob mclennan (poet)

Geoff McMaster (journalist/ video director)

Juliet McMaster (novelist/ illustrator)

Margaret MacPherson (novelist)

Suzette Mayr (novelist)

Mark Meer (improviser)

Kirk Miles (poet/ clown)

Tololwa Mollel (storyteller/ picture book author)

Irene Morck (picture book author)

Scot Morison (screenwriter/ novelist)
Shani Mootoo (poet/ novelist)

Barbara North (screenwriter/ playwright)

Trevor Nugent-Smith (drummer/ percussionist)
Dumisile Owane (playwright)

Jeff Page (actor)

Carolyn Pogue (novelist/ non-fiction writer)

Ian Porteous (musician)

David Poulsen (novelist)

Cathleen Rootsaert (playwright/ improviser)

Jen Rae (artist)

gary rasberry (singer songwriter/ poet)
Lionel Rault  (singer songwriter)

Joanne Reinbold (drama coach)

Paula Roberts (body percussion coach)

Jenny Ryan (poet/ guerilla poet) 


Shirley Serviss (poet)




Anna Marie Sewell (poet and Edmonton Poet Laureate)

Joseph Simons (novelist)

Shirlee Smith Matheson (novelist)

Loren Spector (artist/ illustrator)

Bob Stallworthy (poet)

Duane Stewart (singer songwriter)


Bronwyn Storm aka Natasha Deen (novelist)

Geo Takach (humorist)

Phil Taranger (screenwriter)

Vern Thiessen (playwright/ actor)

Kelly Thomas (percussionist/ musician) 

Keath Thome (Calihoo) (actor/ storyteller)

Barry Thorson (actor/ storyteller)

Maureen Tigner-Morison (dancer/ movement coach)

Don Trembath (novelist/ journalist)

Thomas Trofimuk (novelist)

Terry Trueman (novelist)

Cameron Tully (blue pencil cafe coach)

Peter Unwin (novelist/creative non-fiction writer)

Thomas Usher (director/ improviser)

Joe Vanderhelm (improviser)


Richard Van Camp (picture book author, U of A Writer in Residence)




Laurie Westman (dancer/movement coach)

Christine Wiesenthal (poet/ creative non-fiction writer)

Thomas Wharton (novelist)

David Wilson (vocal coach)

Sheri-D Wilson (poet/ spoken word artist)

Donovan Workun (improviser)


Spyder Yardley-Jones (artist/ cartoonist/ illustrator)

Jan Taylor (playwright / producer) 

Francis Mayrand (dance / music)

Susie Moloney (novelist / screenwriter)

Laura Burki (yoga instructor)

Pam Rocker (playwright) 

Mifi Purvis (editor / non-fiction writer)

Elizabeth Withey (writer/ journalist/ artist)