How Yoga and Creative Writing Connect: Let it Flow
by Laura "Sunshine" Burki
You may not think yoga and writing have much in common, but you'd be surprised.  Yoga is not only about the postures but through the practice we also find stillness and a space for visualization.  Through yoga discover how:
-  yoga can teach you to test your boundaries to be brave, to get to know yourself and express yourself
- yoga can become a model for joyful discipline which our art and writing can use to see our projects through to fruition
- yoga is a means to learn how to be present in what you are doing fully and completely 
- yoga practice reminds us to plant seeds (ideas) and to try and let go of the results. Writing is similar:  you can plant seeds and have incredible ideas but the outcome may be different than you expected it to be
- yoga gets you out of your head and into your body & breath.  The breath is a bridge to all the other places, including mind and body and can centre our creativity and imagination
Yoga and writing bring a playful breath-centred vinyasa style of yoga along with deep meditative yin postures.  Through the flowing postures, discover the stories in your bones and begin to translate some of your own body language into your own individual expressions.
Use yoga to bring inspiration and motivation and help open your mind to the possibilities within.
Engage and deepen awareness of the most subtle sensations and movements in the mind & body. 
First in stillness
Then through movement
Finally in visualization
Concentration is your gateway to creative transformation!
Laura "Sunshine" Burki began her yoga practice in 2000 after a knee injury put an end to a strong and dedicated path in sports.  Her first yoga unlocked a new pathway and a new life journey:  Laura found inspiration to create passionate, creative and unique yoga and dance classes of her own.  She knew her calling was upon her and embraced the path.  Her classes are regenerating, creative and a pure celebration of the practice.  Laura believes yoga can be for everyone celebrates yoga, expression, dance, music and rhythm through Sacred Fusion, a series of unique classes co-created with her partner Trevor Nugent-Smith.