The Bennett Centre: Young Writer's Camps

In partership with YouthWrite, a camp for kids who love to write...just about anything! 



Grades 4,5 & 6
March 2 - 3
March 27 - 28
Grades 7,8 & 9
March 29 - 30
All camps run from 9:30am - 3:30pm
Two-day camps are $89.95


with guest instructors

Jeff Page, Spyder Yardley-Jones, Laurel Deedrick-Mayne, Marty Chan, Barbara North, Anna Marie Sewell, Mieko Ouchi and Mark Kozub


The Bennett Centre

9703-94 Street




The Bennett Centre

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Our Guest Instructors:
Teachers’ Convention – March 2 & 3, 2017:

Laurel Deedrick-Mayne loves to write… just about anything! Her first book, A Wake For The Dreamland, has been on the Edmonton Journal Best Seller List more than 40 times, and she has been a guest at over 30 book clubs and was the recipient of Edmonton Public Library’s 2016 Alberta Readers Choice Award. Something Laurel hears over and over is how much people “love the letters!” in her book, so she’s looking forward to breaking out the stationary, licking the stamps and instilling the joy of writing and receiving letters for a new generation.
Forget texting, snapchatting and Facebook messaging. We’re going to explore the old-timey lost art of letter writing and mailing our friends and family. Bring your favourite pen and a postal address of a “pen pal.” Fancy paper, postcards and stamps are Laurel’s gift to you.

Jeff Page is a, teacher, actor and director with 30 years professional experience in the performing arts. Currently, he is a writer, director and editor for NewComer Television, which creates videos helping newcomers adapt to life in Canada. He has taught at the University of Alberta, both main and Augustana campuses, and Red Deer College. His work with children includes residencies with Trickster Theatre, Theatre Prospero, and YouthWrite. 
 “I Write Who I Am” gives you an opportunity to create characters through improvisation in a playful and collaborative environment. Inspired by this creativity, embark on a written exploration of extraordinary characters in a make-believe world.

Spyder Yardley-Jones wanted to be a fire truck as a child, but visual arts ended that dream. So he started a career of cartooning, illustrating, sculpting and painting that has delighted and unsettled gallery goers in Canada and the USA . And for over 20 years he has taught my techniques to legions of students in the Edmonton school system and he has been an art handler at the Art Gallery of Alberta for an equally long time.
This class is about making a mini eight-page comic zine from one piece of paper and no staples.  It’s your chance to try storytelling with or without words, in full colour or dramatic black and white.  If you have a flair for drawing and storytelling, join Spyder  and make a zine.

Spring Break – March 27 & 28, 2017 – Grades 4-6:

Marty Chan writes books for kids and plays for adults. The Alberta Foundation for the Arts named him one of the 25 influential artists of the last 25 years. He's best known for his Marty Chan Mystery series and his stage play thriller, The Bone House. He lives and works in Edmonton. 
A Cheat Code for Conflict: 
Marty shares his secret for creating dramatic stories. Through personal anecdotes and a cheat code, you’ll learn how to create conflict in your stories, turning even the most ordinary situation into an engaging and fun story. 

Barbara North is an award-winning stand-up comic, writer and television host.  She writes comedic short stories, monologues and TV shows.  Barbara has created, written and starred in several national television comedies, including CBC TV’s Army Brats and A Total Write-Off!  She was a writer-intern on CBC TV’s Royal Canadian Air Farce and was the female character announcer for Teletoon for 10 years.  She is currently working on a new comedy entitled Queenager.
3 a.m Theatre
You wake up, it’s 3 a.m.... what was that noise??  Want to write freaky fun horror or sci fi? Create a very weird tale that imaginatively weaves in humour and quirky characters – then learn how to captivate audiences by telling it in a spellbinding, theatrical, creepy, even comedic way. Maybe you’ll tell it to that Thing you encounter at 3 a.m....

Anna Marie Sewell was Edmonton's fourth Poet Laureate. She also enjoys writing songs, essays and creative non-fiction, and has the great luck to collaborate often with remarkable people on multi-language, multi-disciplinary projects. One recent collaboration, Reconciling Edmonton, received an Honourable Mention from the Governor General as a community history project. Anna Marie writes at home, so is often covered in dog hair from her pack of ravening rug hounds. 
Let's find the sassiest words and phrases, and play with them. Think old Edmonton is too dull, cold, ordinary to spark fantastic writing? Come and discover what you didn't know was right here, quietly shining, waiting for your pen to polish it into a most shiny, sassy and inspiring jewel (or rabbit, or squirrel) of poetry. 

Spring Break – March 29 & 30, 2017 – Grades 7-9:

Mark Kozub is author of the notably strange non-fiction bestseller Weird Edmonton and a founder of Edmonton’s Raving Poets, the wild beatnik-style performance poetry & improv music experience featured in the TV documentary, Backroom Beat. As a professional writer for over 20 years, Mark has written for magazines, books, radio, web, speeches, stage and more. He has also worked as a publicist for Company’s Coming cookbooks.
Let’s Get Weird!  
Get in touch with your most creative side. Through a series of fun and loopy exercises, you will amaze yourself (and others) by writing everything from hilariously half-baked concepts for new novels to finished postcard fiction, perfectly bizarre free verse poetry and more. Get ready to have fun!

Mieko Ouchi is an actor, writer and director who works in theatre, film and TV, and who loves writing! Her plays The Red Priest, The Blue Light, The Dada Play, Nisei Blue and I Am For You have been finalists for the 4 Play Series at The Old Vic in London, England and the Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama, the Gwen Pharis Ringwood Award and the City of Edmonton Book Prize right here in Canada. Her plays have been translated into Japanese, French, Russian, Czech and Greek and performed around the world. When she is not writing, Mieko writes, dramaturgs and directs plays for Concrete Theatre, where she is Artistic Director.
Heart of a Character! 
Are you fascinated by characters and the life story and events that have shaped who they are?  Dramatic writing—theatre, film and TV—allows us to dive deeply into the minds and actions of our characters and find plots and storylines that allow them to show us what they’re truly made of. Fun and imaginative exercises will help us explore character history, back-story, intention and motivation, story design and find each character’s one-of-a-kind voice!