The Leanne Scholarships (for ages 11-17)

Relax Poem

Your hectic day
Is done.
Now you're ready
For some fun.
Have a drink
of sweet champagne,
Do not think
Of stormy rain.
It's warm inside
And comforting,
Sit near the heat
And think of spring.
Relax my dear 
And disappear.

by Leanne Palylyk



YouthWrite is delighted  to offer The Leanne Scholarship for $500
for applicants in financial need to attend our camps.  

On June 25, 1988, Leanne Palylyk and family friends were making a short trip to Red Deer when their car was struck by an impaired driver in a half-ton truck.  All of the four car occupants were killed.  Though Leanne, at age eleven, was too soon taken from us, we see this scholarship as a way to honour her and to celebrate her life and many talents.  We at YouthWrite believe she would have been a plucky YouthWriter for life!


Leanne was a lovely green-eyed dark-haired girl with a rare gift for writing that began, at age 5,  with her own handwritten interpretation of Cinderella.  The stories and poems that she wrote showed a talent well beyond her years and displayed her vivid imagination, cheeky humour, and unusual insight.  Leanne was a gentle, tender-hearted and affectionate child who loved and was loved by her brother and sister, her mom and dad, and her dog Pepe, as well as a variety of animals, from dogs to frogs, that she rescued and nurtured.  Losing her at the age of eleven left a great void in all our lives --  and we will miss her and cherish her forever.  -  Fern Jordan

Leanne's teacher Colleen Woloshyn writes:  "During her short lifetime, Leanne touched the hearts and lives of many people. With her life coming to a tragic end at an early age, Leanne left behind a lifetime dream of becoming a published author."  

Perhaps through this scholarship, Leanne can help you to realize your dreams!

Selection process:
* Submit a letter from a teacher or parent describing the applicant's writing ability and reasons for applying for the   scholarship, including information about financial need.  Be sure to include all contact information, the gender and age of the applicant (who must be between 11-17 years of age), and an e-mail address.


* Include ONE short sample of the applicant's writing, either 75 words of poetry or two pages double-spaced of prose.  Send a copy only; DO NOT send originals.

* Applications may be e-mailed to with "The Leanne Scholarship" in the subject line or mailed to:
YouthWrite Society Canada
10629 - 127 Street
Edmonton, AB  T5N 1W2
Attention:  The Leanne Scholarship

* The successful applicant(s) will be notified via e-mail.
Scholarship awards are made at the discretion of the coordinator and supervisors, based on the overall application and the applicant's need.


If you are interested in being placed on our list for potential scholarships, contact us at 
with the understanding that we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to offer a scholarship
 for you/ your son/daughter.
Please also note that past applicants have sought out funding through organizations listed here.