Welcome to YouthWrite Peak II Experience 2018

 Ages 15-19: July 8-13, 2018 at Kamp Kiwanis, Bragg Creek, AB





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Registration deadline is June 16 (but we usually fill up before then!)


For ages 8-11, please see our River Valley Daycamp Experience 2018


For ages 12-14, please see our Peak I Experience 2018

 Never been to Kamp Kiwanis? Visit this page for the address and a link to Google Maps.


Cost: $625  


(Price includes: tuition, supplies, meals, snacks, accommodation and entertainment.)

We'll be adding our line-up of fabulous instructors shortly!

Feel free to stop by again soon to see our amazing roster of authors and artists!

And of course...

The Amazing Peak II Supers:


Elena Belyea is thrilled to be returning for her fourth summer at YouthWrite! Elena is a queer performer, producer, arts educator and graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada’s Playwriting program. She is Artistic Director of Tiny Bear Jaws, a little theatre company with teeth, and a co-founder of the Common Ground Arts Society’s annual Found Festival in Edmonton, a showcase of multidisciplinary arts events that take place in non-traditional venues. Little known (but utterly unsurprising) fact: She's gaga for Gail!









Nick Carter is ecstatic to be given the opportunity to interrupt his retirement for another edition of YouthWrite. He is a filmmaker and writer who’s been involved with YouthWrite since 2010. Recently, Nick completed the experimental micro series A Present for Your Present while living in semi-isolation on an island in the Pacific Ocean and is currently in development on a range of other projects in Toronto. Nick respects the custom of saying flattering things about Gail in this space. Gail is nice.




 Anna Cooley is a film writer-producer-director based in Calgary. Her multi-award winning feature documentary A Sauropod Abroad is currently making its way around the international festival circuit. Her short narrative film Sleepwalker, made with the support YouthWrite and its talented supervisors, premiered in February 2017. Her production company Erratic Pictures creates projects that explore different styles of storytelling through film, collaborating with artists in many disciplines and experimenting with new technologies like virtual reality. Recently, Anna developed and taught the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers’ 2017 Spring Break Movie Camp, a one-week intensive film lab for teens. She is thrilled to be back at YouthWritefor her 7th year as a Super and to be working with beloved Gail!

Cole Feth, who considers himself to be Gail’s most prized university student, is a new recruit to the YouthWrite team. As such, he asks you be gentle, kind and, of course, play as many practical jokes on him as possible. Cole asks that you do not, however, use his love for sports against him as he has recently discovered he was merely a nerd trapped in an athlete's body. He loves to write, tell jokes (almost entirely of the sarcastic nature) and is really hoping to make your experience at YouthWrite a memorable one.  He does not yet fully comprehend how much he adores Gail.







Jennifer Hill has been traveling the world in search of adventure near and far, from teaching snowboarding in New Zealand to fighting forest fires in Northern Alberta. She has visited the great NWT and worked for the ice roads as well as led bike tours for an active travel company all over Canada. Jen currently attends the University of Alberta, studying to be a teacher. Her adventurous spirit never stops: she looks forward to inspiring others to find their own adventures wherever they may be, including in their writing! Jen is excited for YouthWrite and to work with the goddess Gail.








Miranda Martini is a musician and writer based in Calgary. She studied English literature and creative writing at UBC and recently completed a master’s degree in songwriting at Bath Spa University. Her writing has appeared in several local and national publications, including Alberta Views Magazine and Reader's Digest, and her article, "Women in Charge" (2014), won a Western Magazine Award for Best Emerging Writer. She recently performed in and co-wrote music for Cheryl Foggo's play John Ware Reimagined, which will be remounted in Edmonton this fall. Miranda attended YouthWrite as a camper from 2001 to 2005, and she's so excited to be back as a supervisor because she loves Gail the most!




Deirdre Sprenger is a student at the University of Alberta pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Education. She has performed in and choreographed for many dance and musical theatre productions throughout high school, and directed a one-act play in NextFest. In her spare time, Deirdre volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club. She loves working with young people and through a career in teaching hopes to provide students with the opportunities she was privileged to have in finding her passion. Deirdre is thrilled to be a part of the YouthWrite team, and is well into learning just how much she adores Gail!




Peter Takach is a writer and teacher whose works have surfaced in some of the nation’s finest magazines, literary festivals, and recycling bins. Banished from his hometown for crimes against humanities, he can be found teaching high school English or perched on driftwood staring out at great Neptune's ocean. A proud alumnus of YouthWrite and the Spoken Word Youth Choir, Peter is thrilled to once again be working with the beautiful and talented Gail.













YouthWrite Coordinator:

Gail Sidonie Sobat  is a multi-award-winning teacher and author, with eleven books for children, teens and adults, and a number of educational and academic articles. She is the YouthWrite creator/ coordinator, an international presenter, an instructor in the professional writing program at MacEwan University and in the Faculty of Education at U of A, is The Writers' Union of Canada Regional Representative for Alberta, NWT and Nunavut, and was writer in residence with the Metro Edmonton Federation of Libraries (2015). Gail is a 2016-2017 Global News Woman of Vision. She has moved thirty-two times in her life from Badlands to Siksika Nation Reserve to hideous suburbs to Istanbul to the Sunshine Coast to her writer’s garret in a century-old temperamental house. She adores all of her Supers equally, and loves YouthWrite madly!