Scholarship Options - for Applicants aged 11-17

PLEASE NOTE:  We strive to make YouthWrite affordable to every applicant. YouthWrite Society Canada, our granting agencies, donors and sponsors subsidize 50% of the FULL costs (approx. double our tuition fee) to attend camp for ALL YouthWriters.


YouthWrite fees include 12 hours of daily instruction/activity led by highly qualified instructional and supervisory staff, round-the-clock supervision, three meals a day + snacks, all supplies and accommodation. Each participant receives a complimentary copy of YouthWrite: the Magazine.

YouthWrite 2019 - Scholarship applications are open: 

(We particularly invite applicants to apply who are FNMI, or who identify as minorities, New Canadians, LGBTQ2+, or are persons with a disability or limited financial means.  Please self-identify in your letter of application.)


1.  The Leanne Scholarships for ages 11-17!
A $500 scholarship for those in financial need who are interested in attending the YouthWrite camps. The scholarship is in memoriam of Leanne Palylyk, a young and talented writer and poet who passed at age of 11. 
2. General Scholarships: 
Selection process:
*Submit a letter from a teacher or parent describing the applicant's writing ability and reasons for applying for the   scholarship, including information about financial need.  Be sure to include all contact information, the gender and age of the applicant (who must be between 11-17 years of age), and an e-mail address.


* Include ONE short sample of the applicant's writing, either 75 words of poetry or two pages double-spaced of prose.  Send a copy only; DO NOT send originals.

* Applications may be e-mailed to


If you are interested in being placed on our waiting list for potential scholarships, contact us at with the understanding that we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to offer a scholarship for you/ your child.
Please also note that past applicants have sought out funding and/or scholarships from such organizations as:

A local community writing group
School Boards

Band Councils (aboriginal applicants)

A school
Rotary Club
Kinsmen Club
Kiwanis Club
Elks Club
Lions Club
Churches, Mosques, Temples

Knights of Columbus
4-H Club
Your local arts council
Literary Festivals or Societies
Not-for-profit Societies and Charities
Government departments that support family development, such as Family
and Community Support Services (FCSS)
Businesses in your community that have supported the arts in the past
A current or former employer

As well, consider approaching businesses and individuals in your community who might have an interest in seeing a young person do something s/he is really passionate about.

Some YouthWrite Helpful Tips:

Sometimes all you have to do is ask an organization to receive support!  
  • We suggest you contact at least three organizations initially.
  • A good approach would be to begin with a phone call, to find out which organizations are interested in speaking with you further.
  • Send an information package to those organizations. Your package should include information about who you are and the kinds of writing you have done. We can provide you with support material about YouthWrite to help you create your package – posters, application forms, a letter about our camps.  E-mail to request any such materials.  It is important that you include a letter to the potential sponsor, outlining what you hope to gain from attending YouthWrite and how you see this as a positive contribution to your community.
  • A follow-up phone call requesting an interview is also suggested.
  • During the interview, you might offer to write an article for your potential sponsor’s newsletter or give a presentation to their group when you have completed the YouthWrite program.
  • A thank you card or note goes a very long way!