SWYC - Spoken Word Youth Choir

The Spoken Word Youth Choir (SWYC) was born at YouthWrite 2007 and had its world premiere at Axis Cafe in Edmonton on September 21, 2007, as part of The Roar Spoken Word Festival and the Edmonton Poetry Festival.


SWYC is a professional spoken word troupe:  part Greek chorus, part improvisers, part poets and hip hop artists.  We are unique to Canada.  


Training and rehearsals are rigorous prior to performances, and are focused on speech arts, choral speaking, singing and breathing techniques.  To be a part of SWYC  is to commit to practice, repetition, and scheduling around busy lives.  But the rewards are plentiful!


In addition, SWYC members perform individually and as a group for numerous charitable and educational functions. SWYC is under the direction of creator, Gail Sidonie Sobat.

SWYC is currently on hiatus. 



Clockwise:  Gail Sidonie Sobat (Creator/Director), Jade Morrison, Dakota Elliott, Ben Davies, Erika Luckert, Sierra Elliott, Kati Buhler, Lauren Seal, Katrusia Lahola; Centre (right to left): Maren Elliott and Peter Takach.   (Photo by Geoff McMaster)


Current Members:  Kati Buhler, Charlotte Cranston, Ben Davies, Liam Dextraze, Dakota Elliott, Sierra Elliott, Dylan Evans, Katrusia Lahola, Lauren Seal, Peter Takach.


Past Members:  Jodi Butler, Elise Dextraze, Maren Elliott, Erika Luckert, Jade Morrison, Cindy Pereira.


SYWC's Performances:

  • Spring Awakening Cabaret, 2011, 2012
  • Spruce Grove Winter Games 2012, Spruce Grove, AB
  • YouthWrite 2011, 2012
  • Who Are We and What Matters? Gala, Centre High Campus, Edmonton - January 2011
  • Calgary International Spoken Word Festival - April 2010, 2011
  • SWYC Fundraiser - March 2010
  • WordsWorth - 2008, 2009
  • Edmonton Poetry Festival - 2009
  • Steeps Tea House - 2009
  • Edmonton Restorative Justice Network, Edmonton City Hall, 2009
  • Canadian Authors Association's CANWRITE Conference - 2008
  • Creative Cities Network Conference - Edmonton 2007
  • Edmonton Cultural Capital Word! Gala - 2007
  • The Roar - Edmonton 2007

SWYC's performance fees vary and are subject to negotiation.  If you'd like to book the Spoken Word Youth Choir for your event, please click HERE.


To see SWYC in performance:

Directed by Geoff McMaster.